One day about sunset, Zhuangzi dozed off
and dreamed that he turned into a butterfly.
He flapped his wings, sure enough he was a butterfly.
What a joyfull feeling as he fluttered about!
He completely forgot that he was Zhuangzi.
Soon though, he realized that that proud butterfly
was really Zhuangzi who dreamed he was a butterfly?
Or was it a butterfly who dreamed he was Zhuangzi?

There is a translation from this poem into spanish by mexican poet and Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz:

Soñé que era una mariposa.
Volaba en el jardín de rama en rama.
Sólo tenía conciencia de mi existencia de mariposa
y no la tenía de mi personalidad de hombre.
Y ahora no sé si soñaba que era una mariposa
o si soy una mariposa que sueña que es Chuang Tzu.


Chuang-Tzu  lived in the IV century before J.C. He is considered the most importante taoist philosopher, after Lao-Tzu.

© 2012
Lino Althaner