Georgia O'Keefe - White rose (

In my hands you saw her open
as she glittered in those years,
still awake and open nude
in her primaeval flames.

There you saw her drunk with beauty
without guilt and not yet severed
from the most important of herself.
And you heard her song.

In my heart you saw her open
showing clearly in each beat
the near trace of the creator’s hand.
Moisted still in the first dew.

To the sound of holy music
in heaven’s pentagram conceived
how she plucked the strings!
How I joined her with my lute!

And you heard her song.

Zeng Chuanxing - Novia de papel -

Que se abría en mis manos tú la viste
como era en esos años
vigilante y aún desnuda
deslumbrando en su fuego original

Todavía embriagada de belleza
transparente y  aún no separada
de lo más importante de sí misma.
Tú escuchaste su canción.

Y que en mi corazón se abría
mostrando la huella en cada pulso
del cercano dedo creador.
Empapada aún del primer rocío.

Al son de melodías
inscritas en celeste pentagrama
¡cómo pulsaba las cuerdas!
¡Y cómo mi laúd la acompañaba.

Tú escuchaste su canción.


After having written this poem, almost automatically, I began trying to find its meaning.  Having found it, I suppose, I titled it. Sophia is a mythic character of the gnostic thought. It is a figure deeply rooted in our unconscious and obviously associated with wisdom. Lost.

The verses were first written in spanish. Then translated to english. I played with the two versions.The two continue to play with each other, without my intervention. But I must work with them still. To gain the category of a poem they must be the object of some additional care.

The flower painting is the work of american artist Giorgia O’Keefe. The ‘paper bride’ is by the chinese painter Zen Chuanxing.

© 2014
Lino Althaner